Kappaphycus Specialists


Kappaphycus alvarezii is the most valuable seaweed farmed in the warm oceans of tropical countries. It is used to make food, fertilizers, animal feed and bioplastics.

We take Kappaphycus farming to the next level.



We create technology that mass-produces seaweed seedlings.

Our Kappaphycus hatcheries generate a dependable supply of seedlings that are proven to grow faster than ordinary seedlings. Our hatcheries are cost-effective, turnkey, modular and scalable. And we train people how to operate them.

Superior Varieties


We use cutting-edge science to identify varieties of seaweed that have superior performance – higher yields, faster growth, temperature tolerance and disease resistance.

We gather data on ocean conditions to provide farmers with seaweeds that are ideally suited their local water.

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