About Us

We are an environmental and social impact biotechnology company. Our mission is to realise the full potential of seaweed cultivation to create a sustainable future

We envision a future with seaweed farmed all over the world to the benefit of humanity.


Farming creates jobs for coastal communities, particularly women.

Seaweed cleans the ocean, regenerates ecosystems, it’s environmentally sustainable.

Seaweed is natural, healthy and nutritious. It can also be made into products like medicines, fertilisers, plastics and bio-fuel. The world’s population is rising quickly and it is predicted that food production must double by 2050. Where will we find new sources of food? It will come from the ocean.

We are a diverse team of scientists,  united by our vision of an enhanced seaweed industry providing benefits to humanity and the planet.

We live in a seaweed farming region and we are proud that our work will make a difference to our community.

Simon Davis

Founder & Managing Director

Manisah Amad

Project Manager

Al Jeria Abdul 

Seaweed Tissue Culture

Mc Marshall M. Ongkudon

Molecular Biology

Birdie Scott Padam

Food Technology